Cluster I/O Module - Reparatur

ESR will repair all kind of I/A-Series Cluster IO-Modules

PLS80E Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys

We still provide engineering, service and repairs for the former Invensys , aka Foxboro Eckardt PLS80E PCS. All Foxboro Eckardt respectively Invensys/Schneider I/O Modules & Cards (E/A-Moduls), Power supply Modules & Cards (VM-Moduls) and Controller Modules & Cards like CM21, CM23, CX21, CX22 (FE-Modules) can be repaired. Also we provide new equipment like RTS, LWS, BGT, EBE, AI21, EI21, CM23, CM21, CX21.

The Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys PLS80E PCS

Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys PLS80E is a decentralized process control system for the automation of process engineering systems with many years of experience. It is particularly suitable for the automation of discontinuous processes (batches) from the smallest design stage to large plants, as well as for automation of continuous processes (like Energy work stations or steam work stations). The development of the system is based on the creation and cooperation of NAMUR Directive NE 33 for batch processes and later on ISA 88. Since then, the PLS80E has been continuously adapted to the increasing functional requirements and the most modern components available on the market. Our continuous efforts to improve process management, to meet the increasing production costs, and also to automate large complex process plants clearly and safely led to the Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys PLS80E process control system. The PLS80E system comprises the functional units for the execution of all automation functions, the system bus as a high-availability Ethernet mesh network for exchanging data and information, and the stations in the master level for the display, operation and configuration of the automation tasks. Process and production data are made available via standard interfaces of the plant-wide EDP. Also a new GUI is with PLS80E Infusion available. The diffrence between Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys PLS80E legay systems is that PLS80E Infusion is based on AVEVA Wonderware a scalable Software form Schneider Electric. With the PLS80E Infusion you have all possibilities of a modern grafic interface.

Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys I/A Series System Cluster I/O

ESR Systemtechnik still provides repairs for the Foxboro Eckardt respectively Invensys I/A Series System Cluster I/O. We do repairs for Inevsys Cluster I/O Modules for customers in the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kindom (Great Britain) and continantal Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain). All Foxboro Eckardt respectively Invensys Cluster I/O Modules & Cards (E/A-Moduls), Clsuter I/O Power supply Modules & Cards (VM-Moduls) can be repaired.

The Foxboro Eckadrt, Invensys Cluster I/O

The Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys Cluster I/O Subsystem provides full support for analog measurement, digital sensing and analog or discrete control capabilities. The subsystem is available in redundant or non-redundant configurations, integrated with the Control Processor or Personal Workstation via the Fieldbus and includes a multi-slot chassis comprised of a Fieldbus Processor, Analog/ Digital Fieldbus Cards (FBCs), subsystem main power supply, and a power monitor. Various Foxboro Eckardt, Invensys Cluster I/O enclosures employ Euro card mounting options.



Cluster I/O Module und ihre funktionskompatiblen PLS80E Module

FBC21 P00951CL EI22 4-20mA 16 Channel
FBC01 P0951CE EI21/EI23 4-20mA 32 Channel
FBC04 P0951CH AI21/AI23 4-20mA 16 Channel
FBC09 P0951CK AB22 DIG 32 Channel
FBC17 P0951CM EU21 0-10V 32 Channel
FBC07A P0951EL EB21 DIG 32 Channel
FBC07B P0951CJ EB21 DIG 32 Channel
FBC02 P0951CF      
FBC10 P0951DE      
PM20 P0951CT FH21 Pow. Mon. IPM26/27
PM20B P0951ZT FH21 Pow. Mon. IPM28
IPM26 P0951CN     230V
IPM27 P0951CP     130V


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